What We Believe at K16.

Tackling an issue that more often than not is unseen presents challenges. However, with our approach to identify and listen we can then create a plan of action that allows us to take away the pressure that surrounds those individuals.

  • We believe that to ensure the stigma that surrounds mental health is broken down we need to start from the ground up.

  • Our approach puts us in the field working with the operatives on the ground.

  • We work with them to understand how they go about their own mental health & wellbeing on a personal and professional level.

  • We aim to understand how they deal with the pressure of their occupations and lifestyles and how they go about unwinding.

  • We give the operatives on the ground the opportunities to let off a bit of steam.

  • We are here doing what we do because we care, because we have been there and because we know that breaking down barriers results in a positive outcome for each and everyone of us.